OCM Pilot

155,000 Medicare Beneficiaries.    3200 Oncologists.    196 Practices.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) piloted an innovative program in July 2016 aimed at transforming the playing field of today’s oncology care. Efforts of practice redesign are financially incentivized to replace fee-for-service “volume-based” services with care that is judged on its quality and the degree of patient satisfaction.


Why OCM?

Oncology providers that were selected to take on the challenge of reforming their practices are required to optimize their services on multiple levels. Administering care of the utmost quality to patients is at the top of the list, and depends on various measures of patient experience and satisfaction.

The OCM program additionally emphasizes the pairing of technological advancement with complete care, in which any previously existing gaps are filled by care management initiatives.

Another integral component of the OCM program is data recording, processing, and analytics. For CMS to deliver the financial incentive, they must see the data report that delivers the analysis of patient data, as it measures the changes that have been made through the program efforts.


Learn how your medical practice can optimize care under the Oncology Care Model.