What is the CMS OCM Program?


Screen-shot-2013-05-20-at-12.27.16-PMThe Center for Medicare and Medicaid’s Oncology Care Model (CMS OCM) is a pilot program that advocates for positive healthcare quality transformation through improving effectiveness and efficiency of oncology care. The Oncology Care Model incentivizes improvements such as increased care coordination during a 6-month episode of oncological care.


This specialty model holds medical practices accountable for the quality of care they offer when administering chemotherapy to cancer patients. Ultimately, Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries will be provided with optimized services including coordinated care, nurse navigation, and nationally upheld guidelines for oncology care.


Simply stated, the CMS has three goals to achieve through the Oncology Care Model—better care, smarter spending, and healthier people.


CMS OCM Incentives for Participating Medical Practices:



The OCM incentivizes the improvement of care coordination, appropriateness of care, and care access for beneficiaries undergoing chemotherapy. The intended result is for participating medical practices to positively transform the way in which they deliver care while being financially effective.

  • CMS’s Oncology Care Management program will pay an oncology care provider $160 dollars per eligible member per month to care manage Medicare members in active treatment windows (6 mo.).

How can Caris Health help participating medical practices to operate efficiently within CMS OCM guidelines?

Caris Health helps medical practices to offer optimized care in accordance to CMS OCM guidelines through providing our analytical software (intriCare) to qualitatively and quantitatively evaluate patient health throughout their cancer journeys, in combination with supplementing medical practices with coordinated care teams.

Caris Health is the only company that provides this innovative dual-service program that addresses problems both on the micro and macro level while being cost-effective in providing the highest quality care.