Optimize Medical Practices for OCM

Caris Health is here to meet your practice’s needs so that you can be an OCM front-runner. 

Depending on what your medical practice needs– be it technological innovation, care management teams, or both– Caris Health works with you to best equip you to exceed your patient needs and meet all CMS OCM requirements.

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For practices seeking the technological innovation for optimal practice reform, the intriCare technology package is specially designed to help providers and staff to address all the intricacies of the OCM program goals. intriCare puts the quintessential technology for care management at your fingertips.Picture4

intriCare is a system that is easy to use, and it allows for the optimal organization of all data that is collected. This data is analyzed in real-time, and is used for creating the reports that are required for CMS OCM reporting.

Patients also benefit tremendously from the use of this software. They have quick access to care plans that are individually devised to address all aspects of a specific patient’s health. Having a customized care plan allows patients to know which daily measures are vital to keep well and maintain their health on both the short and long term.


If your medical practice wants to secure both the cutting-edge software and the coordinated care team that works in accordance to the guidelines of the Oncology Care Model, then the intriCare software and Coordinated Care team program is ideal for your practice.

Our spechjffkhgfkhgially trained care management teams work on-site at your medical practice and integrate the Oncology Care Model initiatives into your current workflow, being a tool for your current staff, and helping your practice’s hard work go even farther.
The advantage of having a specialized and experienced coordinated care team is that there are no interruptions to your previously operating system; rather, the new coordinated care team swiftly merges with the preexisting structure to fill in any gaps in care.