Coordinated Care Team

For the Individual Patient:

A Patient’s Very Own Coordinated Care Team

The Caris Health Coordinated Care Team gets to know each patient face-to-face, assessing individual patient conditions, risks, and needs. Our direct care approach provides patients with customized nurse navigation and care management efforts to ensure quality of care and patient advocacy. This level of care for each patient is ongoing throughout the individual’s cancer journey, and extends past the walls of the medical practice, integrating care in a patient’s daily life.


What is Coordinated Care?

The United States Department of Health and Human Services defines Coordinated Care as “the deliberate organization of patient care activities between two or more participants (including the patient) involved in a patient’s care to facilitate the appropriate delivery of health care services. Organizing care involves the marshaling of personnel and other resources needed to carry out all required patient activities and is often managed by the exchange of information among participants responsible for different aspects of care.”

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Caris Health addresses all facets of the definition of Coordinated Care—from the marshaling of our own top-notch care management personnel to the organized exchange of information among caregivers involved in a patient’s cancer treatment journey.

More Information Regarding Care Coordination


Caris Health Coordinated Care Teams consist of nurses, social workers, and care coordinators who all work collaboratively to deeply understand each patient case. The Team communicates with a practice’s oncology team, and puts together a comprehensive patient profile, taking into account all comorbid illnesses that are recorded in electronic medical records or medical claims databases.



A defining element of good care comes in the form of an individualized care plan that allows patients to stay in their homes rather than in the hospital, or helps to maintain their health during and after treatment, maximizing patients’ time in normal pursuits, such as work and family experiences.”

-– Sheryl Riley, RN, OCN, CMCN
Director, Caris Health Services

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Community-Embedded Care Management

Descriptive studies have demonstrated that social and emotional support is the most desired by oncology patients, and empirical studies indicate that emotional support has the strongest associations with better adjustment during the treatment of cancer.


We believe that each patient should receive specialized care involving the efforts and services found in their own communities. Partnering with Caris Health guarantees that the highest quality care plan is constructed for each patient with the special inclusion of all possible forms of support—social, emotional, and instrumental.

With Caris Health’s innovative Community-Embedded Care Management program, patients receive top-notch treatment that yields a better result than that of solitary instrumental support—all in the comfort of their own social circles.

Community-Embedded Care Management is an aspect of Coordinated Care that utilizes resources available for patients in their own communities. Our on-sight care teams seek out services and opportunities that benefit not only the health-related quality of life of our patients, but also the social connectivity between patients and their local community.